Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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What is the maximum pressure that Fumpa can pump to?

The Fumpa can pump to 120psi, or 827kPa, or 8.27Bar.

How heavy is Fumpa?

Fumpa’s body weighs 325g and its nozzle and tube weigh 15g. Total weight is 340g.

How accurate is the pressure reading?

Fumpa’s internal pressure sensor is accurate to 3%. However do note that air pressure is temperature dependent. So, on a hot day, expect your tyres to read a slightly higher pressure than on a cold day.

Does Fumpa get warm during use?

Yes, Fumpa will get warm to touch during use. The unit is fitted with an internal temperature sensor circuitry that measures the temperature of the internal compressor, and will shut the unit down if the compressor becomes too hot. The unit has been designed so that two standard-sized road bike tyres can be pumped from 0-110psi before Fumpa needs time to cool down. The cool-down period is usually less than 10 minutes.

How loud is Fumpa?

From 1 meter away, the Fumpa makes about 75dB of noise.

Where is Fumpa made?

Fumpa is truly a global product with parts manufactured in Japan, Spain, USA, China and Australia. All final assembly and testing occurs in Melbourne, Australia.


Can I use Fumpa to pump up mountain bike tyres?

Yes you can. The Fumpa is very good at pumping up mountain bike tyres, road bike tyres and commuter tyres. The Fumpa comes with an adaptable nozzle so that it can easily engage with both Presta and Schrader valves.

Can I use Fumpa to pump up basketballs, footballs etc?

Yes you can. Fumpa is very good at doing this. You can buy needle valves specific for the Fumpa from this website.

Can I use Fumpa to pump up my car tyres?

Yes you can, but do note that Fumpa will be limited in its effort. Testing has shown that you can safely pump up a standard-sized car tyre 2-3psi before the unit becomes too warm and will need to rest. As Fumpa has been designed specifically for bicycles, the Fumpa’s battery capacity and heat sinking capabilities are limited. However, Fumpa is very handy for checking your car tyre pressures. Please do not buy a Fumpa if you want to use it specifically for your car. You will be disappointed.

Can I use Fumpa to blow up an air mattress or my kid’s pool toys?

No you can’t. Fumpa has been designed for low volume applications. These objects are too high in volume and require more of a blower-type compressor compared to Fumpa’s compressor.


How many tyres can Fumpa pump on a single battery charge?

Experiments have shown that up to 7 standard-sized road bike tyres can be pumped from 0-100psi on a single charge. However the number of tyres it can pump depends on a number of factors including how long the unit is rested between pumps, the volume of your tyres, the surrounding air temperature, and how old the battery is.

Is Fumpa’s battery is replaceable?

Yes it is. You can buy replacement batteries for your Fumpa from this website.

How long will Fumpa’s battery last before it needs replacing?

If you use your Fumpa once a week for topping up your bike tyres and/or filling up your tyres from flat, then expect the battery to last a number of years before it needs to be replaced. However, if you find you’re fumping on a daily basis, then you may need to replace your battery more often.

Aeroplane Travel

Can I take Fumpa on an aeroplane?

The unit is not considered a dangerous good as its battery size (6.1Wh) is well under the required limit of 20Wh. The batteries have also been tested by a third party laboratory and meet all requirements under standard UN38.3. We had to meet these standards otherwise we could not have imported these batteries into Australia.

So, in conclusion, yes you can take Fumpa on a plane.


How safe is Fumpa?

Fumpa has been designed with safety in mind. The unit contains an on-board thermal management system to ensure the unit does not get too warm during use. The unit also contains battery management circuitry to ensure that the battery correctly charges and discharges. Fumpa will also shut down the battery if a short circuit were to occur.

Fumpa has been tested and approved for use by Austest Laboratories (http://www.austest.com.au/) and is why Fumpa bears the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) found on the bottom of the unit. Fumpa’s wall adaptor has also been approved for use by SGS Australia (http://www.sgs.com.au/) and also bears the RCM.


Is Fumpa waterproof?

No. Please protect Fumpa from the rain. Do not store outside.

Can I leave Fumpa charging unattended, or for longer than the time it takes to charge it?

For general safety we recommend never leaving Fumpa charging unattended. Leaving the charger plugged in longer than needed to reach full charge will not harm the battery as Fumpa automatically senses when the battery is full, and stops charging it.


What warranty comes with Fumpa?

The Fumpa comes complete with a twelve month warranty on all parts. We will repair possible faults free of charge within the warranty period, as long as the faults are caused by material defects or defective workmanship. Warranty claims should be addressed to service@fumpa.com.au.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our highest concern. Our items are checked thoroughly before they are sent. Although our products are of high quality, products don’t always meet customers’ expectations. If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return the merchandise for a full refund less postage/shipping costs, within 30 days of purchase.